The Wilson's stopby

It was so great to have one of my Bestest Friends here from Dubai. She was here on a Disney Dream Vacation and so I got to spend a few moments with her, including all of the first they arrived in Orlando. We went to the Hacienda and swam and played on the splash pad... and did NOT take enough pictures. Ive been Lucky enough to be able to see Cait and pretty Livi just about every time she is in the USA but it was such a treat to have our men this rendezvous. We wish and hope and dream of making a trip to Dubai to see the folks. Hopefully it'll happen.
 this is as good as it get folks... all kids looking and all eyes open

It was so fun to see them. 
I have gotten some more pictures from Caitlin and here they are!
yay!!! Im so happy to get more pics

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