Hazel is ONE

So today was Hazel's birthday. We had fun today playing with our friends at the park and swinging on the swings. Dad came home with some pizza and we had cake for our little H. "It was a good day" Goldie's words as we walked in from the park today.

Hazel is such a sweet little muffin. Some of our favorite things about her are... her cute little dimple, her funny dinosaur noises she makes (usually for her Daddy), the way she walks all over the place like she is a gown up, her cute little body (that doesnt seem to be growing much, she looks like she is 9 months old still), her sweet dance moves he pulls, how much she loves her sissy, and one of my all time favorite things is when she walks or crawls over to me sooo fast and cuddles and takes a rest and then off she goes.  We love this little baby so much. She is our little deary. We cant believe she is already One.
freshly awake from her nap... with bedhead and all
here she is, in all her one year old glory, wearing her "1" shirt made by Auntie Kara
one of Haze's favorite things... riding in Deigo's Jeep
it makes her so happy

Hazel loves pizza... and canned green beans.. so that just what we had for dinner
It was so gratifying to have her dig in to this cake. she was loving it. 
Happy Birthday Hazel


  1. oh sweet hazel - i'm so glad you had a happy day. i can't wait to be able to kiss those sweet cheeks. xoxo.

  2. i love that green bean on her head in the last picture!

  3. happy happy day to hazel! love the last picture of her with a green bean on her head.
    i seriously can't believe its already been a year!
    time for another?

  4. oh that little hazus!!! i love that face!

  5. oh I love that giant canned green bean on her head in the last shot!!! too cute!!


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