North Captiva Island

Tthe first week of June we took off down south for some old fashion vacation time. The Quigley's were nice enough to invite us along on their trip to Captiva. The Haughts were planning on joining us but the new job and relocation (sniff sniff) made it not happen. So we had our good friends the Bentz family come and hang for a couple of days. Besides the first night when Haze was running a fever of a 102 and threw up 3 times it was a total blast... oh yes and she cut 3 teeth on the top. We had so much fun beaching it up and cruising around the island on our golf carts, there are no cars on the island. Goldie got so comfortable in the water. She is just about swimming now. We packed in all the food for the week, which was a whole ton to feed the Quigley Clan and us. Vanessa feed us like kings.  The first morning we were there N and V went out to find a spot set up camp for the day on the beach. They happened upon the perfect spot with a hut and everything. While we were there we saw many dolphins, tarpon and even had a close encounter with lots of manatees.

the first night we got there we headed down to the beach and did some exploring. Deck and Gold were little adventurers. by the end of our walk they were neck deep in the water
here we are all loaded up, with the beasty golf cart leading the way,  heading to the perfect beach spot.
perfect spot to hunker down for our many beach trips
my sick little pumpkin being a trooper... she and I ended up under the umbrella, down by the water for the many hours we were at the beach. it was pleasant and Hazel was a good little companion.

The Golds
Im telling you, she loves the water now a days... before she never wanted to get in the ocean
back to the hut again

me and my baby...can you tell she is teething
 pretty exciting catch.. a sting ray caught by Henry
it took a crew to safely release
night time beaching
oh basil
my little pumpkin
the quigs... glamorous
some much needed iphone time for my girl on the beach
and poolside
 and speaking of poolside, here is my sister with her very own swim team.
my beautiful sister Vanessa has 7 children. she is a dream boat of a woman.
the Bentz family
it was so fun to have them with us. we just wish they could have stayed longer
last night.date night.
we left the 2 oldest quigs in charge and took off for a little double date fishing trip. we were out to catch some shark.
no sharks caught but V and I caught most of the bait fish. it was fun.
Thank you so much to the Quigley Family for bringing us along. It was so much fun. We missed the Haughts.  We need to plan our next family vacays together again. How bout the North Shore?


  1. those little girls of yours have the most adorable faces!

  2. What a fun trip - that hut is amazing! :D

    You have a beautiful family! :D

  3. i've been craving the ocean and i could almost taste it in these pictures...thanks so much for sharing! i love those girls of yours.

  4. love that goldie girl with her pearls & i phone. i want to kiss hazel and her teething little mouth. and you look so beautiful baggie.

  5. Wow, what a treat looking at those pictures and all those beautiful people. Your sister really is amazing. 7 kids!
    ...Your two are looking super healthy and cute.


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