The GrandHydes come to Florida Part 1

Mark and Anne came to visit last month to celebrate their 35 years of marriage. For weeks before Goldie was talking about how her Grammy and Papa were coming to the "brown house" (thats what she calls our new place). She was so excited and so were we. M & A were here for 4 short days... it went too fast. While they were here we did a little eating, did a little gaming, did a little hair and took some adventures.
St Augustine (the oldest city in the continental US)
The day was pleasant and the company enjoyable. After driving through the charming town we first stopped at Castillo de San Marcos. Golds was thrilled that we were going to a castle although i think she was expecting to see "CinderBeauty" there. We tried to make it to the Lightner Museum but didn't have enough time to make it worth the admission so we sat in the beautiful atrium for a bit before topping off the day with a nice meal at a recommended grill on the water. It was a day well spent.

the happy couple

pretty girls
handsome hyde men
grammy and papa with our girls

 on our way out of Castillo
feeding the goldfish raisins(thats all i had)  in the atrium outside the lightner museum

Crabbing on the Indian River
The Quigley's were out of town but they let us take M& A out on the RendezQ (her name has been updated after a serious makeover). John, Nate and Sam, also known as hyquaught, have been in the throws of crabbing fever. John took us out to the crab trap that was dropped on their last trip out together. We packed sandwiches and chips for dinner and headed out on the river to check the trap. We found one blue crab but had mercy on it and sent him off to be caught by another crabberman.

love anne's wild boat hair-before our 1am hair appointment

my busy little boat girl
our handsome bearded captain
haze slept most of the time and woke up pretty sweaty
such a sweet little face with her grammy

the catch
heading back we stopped and watched some dolphins
goldie always claims to see them when we are driving on the causeway over the river but this time she really did 


  1. What cute pictures! You sure know how to have fun!! :D

  2. i love that girls hair - it's so unruly!

    i think we need a florida trip...

  3. love that you showed them such a good florida time.

  4. you have the cutest family.. and your daughter, kudos to her fashion sense- (though i'm sure that's more your doing than hers?)

  5. Im diggin the dark hair...so pretty!


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