My girls

Oh my girls. I am a lucky mama with these two. They are so adorable. Irresistible.
This one. She is getting so big. She is pretty darn good at using the potty. She loves wearing underpants.  Especially her "cinder beauty" pair.  She loves to go to church and see her friends. She is pretty well behaved these days. Goldie's first word, besides the automatic mama and dada, was shoe. She has always have a thing for shoes. Well it has only gotten stronger. The other day we met up with my friend Aubrey and she came to the open door of the car where Goldie was sitting. The first thing Goldie said to her was "I Love your shoes." She has been noticing colors and shapes where ever we go. She is very observant. Golds loves to make her baby sister laugh. If Goldie can get Hazey going, whether it's by running into the wall, or dancing around like a wild person, or throwing herself to the ground, she will do it forever. Goldie has become quite a little swimmer. With 2 weeks of swim lessons and a week at a beach house she has become a little fish. She still needs some help but she is almost there. Our girl Gold loves anything princess. She is in heaven at the Quigleys house. Every time we see her she is in another princess ensemble, dress, shoes, head piece and wand. We love our Princess Goldie Hart.

And oh heavens. This little sweets is a little doll face. She is a great little crawler these days. She can get around when she wants to but she is most content to be right by her mother. She has the best smile that she shares with everyone. She is so happy and sweet. She has 5 teeth. She is eating all sorts of food now. She has the most adorable face on earth.  Her little cheeks are kissable and her little ears are perfect for nibbling . Hazey thinks her sister is hilarious. Goldie can just be walking by and Haze will burst into laughter.  When she does that it makes everyone laugh. I think Haze knows shes being funny when she does that. Hazel is a perfect little person. We love having this little girl in our family. She makes us so happy. I can't love on her enough. I actually don't even mind getting up with her in the night to feed her because I get a little time to hold and kiss her. She is our little pumpkin.

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