The GrandHydes come to Florida Part 2

Adventure III
Disney World
Some people I know would say "a band of a thousand horses could not drag me to that place" but that did not stop up from taking on Disney World in the 100 degree weather (although it was fair warning). Goldie was in heaven with all of the princesses and disney characters that we saw. She was heartbroken when we wouldn't stand in line to see Daisy Duck who had about 50 people waiting to see her.  It was a great trip to disney. My favorite part was being able to spend time with Mark and Anne even though you were calling me "the slave driver" by the end of the day. 
we have had our Disney fill for a while.
goldie was so pleased about every part of the day...even the ferry ride to the park
so funny that she was already sweating and we weren't through the gates yet 
In mid"cinderella's castle"... love that little lisp she has

first things first... to cinderella's castle we go
taking it all in
Goldie wasnt too sure about the moving horsey... this is her "I'm trying to enjoy myself" face
heading to the dumbo ride
 she was a patient little line waiter

Goldie was pretty scared of maleficent during "dreams" at cinderella's castle
 she did love seeing all the dancing princesses
 after a quick wardrobe change due to a spill at lunch we waited for the parade
goldie didnt seem to mind the heat... but man, it was hot
 I love that Haze is ready for It's a Small World in this picture
FAVORITE picture of the whole day
Mark is such a safe driver... he wont event take his eyes off the road
Thank you Mark and Anne. The day was very fun. I am sorry that I made you walk and walk and walk. We should have gotten on the train. I still regret that. I hope you can forgive me for working you like dogs that day. We loved having you here with us. Love you.

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