So a quick update before our weekend in Jupiter with my family... Swimming and lounging by the pool with all the kiddies while the menfolk go deep sea fishing. Goldie is OBSESSED with swimming these days. She can spent hours just bobbing around in the pool going after the big kids. It will be a great couple of days.

my babe and I are trying to take every opportunity to get out alone before little girl comes along
here we are at NO DOUBT in West Palm... it was a good show. Gwen is my Favorite.

me, looking a bit beat, Shanda, Jordan's little wife, and Laken, my beautiful niece

We took a kids free trip to the mall last week, to find a cute little number for Shanda to wear next Friday for the BIG day. Jordan and Shanda are being sealed in the Orlando Temple.
We couldn't be happier about it.

I am the saddest right now. I was just in my iphoto looking for the darling videos i took of Gold and Kate dancing today... the videos that I just erased from my camera. WHO KNEW iphoto doesn't import videos. all I have of the footage is the sound. boo.

this will have to do for your goldie fix


  1. i love that little goldie girl and her faces

  2. ok 1- weird, your videos should come through in iphoto? they do on mine. 2- laken is so cute and old. 3- i love goldie slamming that soda at the bottom. she looks like she is soo hot!

    ps end of june is probably good for me, we'll touch base in a couple weeks...

  3. Oh my gosh Goldie is cute! Congrats to Shanda and Jordan. Very cool!

  4. I LOVE Gwen too. I think she is so rad! Listening to No Doubt takes me right back to high school. I am jealous that you got to go.

  5. yeah, your videos should import no problem. i photo might be storing them on the sidebar. maybe check there. or try opening imovie and see if they got thrown in there.

    i heart gwen and her rockin style.

    you and john look great! can't wait to see you guys.


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