Jupiter weekend

So the 2 day deep sea adventure was a hit. Mostly the ladies stayed at the hotel with the little ones while the older boys and the men folk ventured out to the deep blue for some action.
The Girls did manage to sneak in a quick trip to catch a few fish and a few pics.

Thanks Kara for letting me steal your collages.

This is mostly what was happening for me during the 2 days down south.

Gold Loved the water... she would have been content to just float around on her own

Oh Kitten Foot

Kate was a little lover dove to her uncle John... whats new?

Goldie did discover the ladder and all the fun it had to offer

It was a great weekend.


  1. oh my goodness, lots of fun new posts! And Shelly, I hardly even believe you are pregnant! Seriously, I think you're fooling me. I look more pregnant than you do right now just with my leftover 3 kid squish! haha. I bet you've gained like one pound. (I'm deeply jealous if you can't tell :))
    Goldie is a doll and I wish Davis loved the water as much as she does. He is a wimp and just clings to me the whole time we're in the water. I've been deep sea fishing before too, lots of fun!

  2. who doesn't love uncle john!? remember when aidan kept jumping to him lol

  3. john-
    its dahle - 206-402-1918

  4. can you tell me where you got those green things g and k are wearing? i might give something like that a try with olivia soon. looks like they are a little better than just plain arm floaties. she is a little fish and totally over a little baby raft so it might be worth a try. i was looking for something like that at target tonight and didn't see anything!


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