Happy Birthday Johnsy Babe!

My darling darling turned 27 today
I am so glad he is ours
I’m grateful that almost 4 years ago we found each other
Life is good with this man
We love each other
We love our little Goldie
He is always so nice to me and wants me to be happy
He makes me so unbelievable happy
He is so smart and talented, devoted to his family and his beliefs
He is a natural father
Pretty much... he is PERFECT
And not to mention so so so good looking

Babe went out of town today so we had to celebrate yesterday!

Heres to you my darling

Love you babe. We miss you!


  1. Happy Birthday John!! You really are a wonderful person

  2. Happy Birthday John!!!We hope you had a wonderful day. Can't wait to see all of you...it's going to be great!We love you.

  3. Shell, you are one lucky momma. I love your little family. xoxo.


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