IHB visit

Last week's trip back to good ol' IHB produced some pretty cute pics. Mom and I took the girls over to meet with up with the Quigs for some Thai take out for lunch. Nate cruised in on the Barrel Bike (one of my babes frozen business ventures)with our takeout bungeed to the back of his bike. Our lunch was delicious, the company was too... and these pics of my babies were scrumptious (thanks nate for having your fancy camera. it seems like I never get pictures with my girls. it was such a treat to get a couple of quick shots.)

classic little hazey face. love that little baby girl. cant believe she is already 19 months.


  1. great pictures. beautiful girls

  2. so cute! your girls are gorgeous!

  3. sharoo those pictures are amazing.... let me guess.. that's the ol nq nikon?

  4. dying over these pictures shell.
    three beauties.


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