(I started drafting this a week ago)
2 weeks ago John and I decided to move. In one week we were packed and out of our cute little beachside house and on the road (well actually JW is on the road). John and I have known for a little while now that we are headed back to Utah for Graduate school in August but who knew that we would be making a pit stop in Mississippi for 4 months.  My babe will be making Mississippi a safer place, one sweet little house a time. He is back with his ol' buddies selling alarms again. I am looking forward to seeing the ladies that belong to those buddies but for now I am spending a couple of weeks here in St Cloud with my family. After a beautiful shower for my SIL Em, the girls and I will make the journey to be with our man.  For now we are enjoying the perfect weather here in FLA and the many family members here in St Cloud.
Today we went back to Melbourne for a quick stop to pay bills, pick up mail etc and as i drove up and over my causeway bridge that took me home to the brown house it still felt so normal. I had to actually make my self feel like things have changed. I am sure that it will feel different soon.

Here are a couple of my fave instagram pics

 love that face of haze... she thinks her sis is so great


  1. where will you be in Utah? play dates???

  2. Already missing you! I'm starting to cry every time I cross the causeways. :) Good luck with all you have to do in the coming weeks!


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