the past 2 weeks

The biggest news for the past 2 weeks....

Tee Daniel Anderson

Feb 5 8 lbs 6oz

The newest little Munns grandbaby was born. Vanessa and I barely made it for the birth. She was literally waiting for us. When we got there the doctor was already gloved and everything... so just like the rest of Erika's births... this one was another 2 pushes. She is a machine. It was awesome that at last all the sisters were able to be there for one of the births. Leah and her kids had just gotten in to town the day before so there we were... all 5 sisters... each with a baby to welcome Tee. It was quite the peanut gallery as Erika put it.

Elleanor (Leah's) Goldie Kate (Kara's) Declan (Vanessa's) and Tee (Erika's) oldest to youngest... we are just missing baby Lucy and Lillie

the past 2 weeks have been pretty fun packed. as you all have seen... Gold and I made a trip out to Utah where we met up with anne, johns mom, so she could fly home with us for a few days. it was so fun to have her here. among the activities were antique shopping and of course Disney World.

on space mountain

sweet faces

The day after Anne left we took off on the annual Bogin Munns and Munns cruise to the Bahamas. It was a great time. Please excuse the length of this post.

It didn't take long for Kate and Goldie to get cuddled up

At the first dinner

Out at the market in Nassau

The second dinner

And the third

as you can see that is what a cruise is all about... the food.. and it really isn't even that good


  1. Goldie is freaking adorable. The cruise pictures are amazing!

  2. ohh the cruise! How quickly you forget how you feel walking off the boat! next thing you know 11 months later and your ready for the next one... hopefully!?

  3. you are one babe of a mom shelly.... and i can't believe all those babies! so cute. i just want mine already.

  4. She just gets cuter and cuter! She must get her good looks from her dad b/c her mom still has hers!(tee hee)~Corrine

  5. I LoVe the Goldster-. And we are now in the blogging world*


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