Goldie Out West Part 2

The girls were wanting to see Goldie real bad.... so we hopped on the next flight and headed out west. We made it safe and sound on Monday evening in to th SLC airport
where Cait and Ali met us with the cutest gold coat for the little floridan Gold. The week was full of fun... eating and staying up late and playing guitar hero. We stayed with Caitlin and Brig on an air matress that we shared with Al. It was great to see everyone. I tried my hardest to show Golds to everyone. Here are some pics of the trip... and all the friends and family we visited.

this is in no real order... when you are downloading 1,000 pictures while nursing a baby... you can only do so much.

We couldnt resist doing an up-do on Goldie. It's funny and freaky at the same time.

The Walpoles stopped by
Goldie really did like them... although she is wigging out here

It was so good to see Erica... She loved our little Goldie Locks

Gold and Erica... and Sam

And of course we had to see the Jacob and Tiffany Munns Clan. Goldie and I headed to Salt Lake to hang out with Tiff and the kids the day we left for home. Goldie was loving Samuel. He was picking her up and rolling around on the ground with her.

Anna, Lucy and Golds

I love that Goldie is looking up at Samuel

Goldie was loving it

We went to dinner with Nic and had cookies and a good time back at Cait's place

We stopped in to see Mete and Henrik

We made it by the Basket

Bonnie with the girl

We got to the "Dahl House"

Goldie and Riley

We made it by to see the Jones family

Goldie with Paul

Parker was so nice to share with Gold

We were there for Aunt Christie's Birthday dinner

Goldie and Jadynne really hit it off

We really had so much fun and we wish we were closer to all you people that we love!

Goldie misses Aunt Kit and Uncle Brig

Goldie Loves her Auntie Tuna


  1. Wow, you guys were so busy! What a full trip! Goldie looks so dang happy in those pics, too!

  2. Goldie is so cute! I saw your blog on Erika's blog. Looks like your having fun being a Mom!
    Shelley (Chelius) Ricedorff

  3. we havent talked to you guys in forever but everytime we check your blog, i can't get over how stinkin cute goldie is. hope you guys are doing well!

  4. Holy smokes Shell...i cant believe how many folks you fit into one tiny trip. So efficient. I love you guys so much. I keep calling you and you keep not calling me back. Sorry Im so high maintenance...Were in Mexico. Wish you were with us. Today I was thinking about how much you guys would love it here. Delicious food, good company...a real Mexican experience that not everyone can appreciate. I loved everyone of these pics. Thanks for letting me be a godmother even if I'm not the best sometimes. Sorry about my freakish need to please everyone and occasional out of whack priorities. This is long and i should just send it in an email. that would be more appropriate but oh well. too late.

  5. shelly i am loving that little wig photo.. goldie is so cute!

  6. The goldie girl is just to die for- I am finding myself looking at this missing the days of toting just one little person all over with me! She does it so well :)

  7. PS- goldie with the up-do had me laughing so hard- Love it!


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