in weeks past

we had a few Birthdays, a few reunions and have taken many, many pictures... so I'll try to catch up here a couple of events at a time.

my 27th
my birthday was a good one this year. a relaxing date with my hus, thanks to my friend melissa for watching the girls... and a birthday dinner earlier that week with my family. here we have my cute little birthday cake that JW picked up for me.... it was just the right size for the 3 of us. while I was putting Hazey to sleep he pulled out the ol' birthday lanterns and strung them up just for me.
our little curly girl candle blower
goldie loves birthdays. she sings happy birthday at least twice a day.. and it usually goes like this, "happy boothday to kitty. happy boothday to russy, happy boothday to sam, happy boothday to charlotte..." and so on until all the peeps that are on her mind, which are more often time then not kara's kids and sam, are wished a happy birthday. i should get a recording of her singing it... its pretty great.
ANYWAY, because of her undying love of birthdays we have let her take over the candle blowing. she loves it.

Wild Florida Airboat Rides
Sweet face John
my brothers were so nice to take us on a ride a few weeks back. Goldie loved it, she was even ok with wearing the earmuffs. She was comfortable on the loud boat the she even took a little potty break off the side of the boat. Thata Girl.
love that boat hair
Captain Jordan taking the Haught's out too


  1. happy late birthday dear.
    love you.

  2. omg i really want to join you and kara on an airport ride asap!!! looks like so much fun!


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