Munns Reunion Part 1

This year the Munns Family Reunion was amazing. It was so wonderfully planned and executed. It was a real success. We had 4 days worth of action planned out for the Whole family to enjoy.

Our theme this year was Magnificent Munns. Vanessa opened up the Reunion Kick off with some phenomenal energy getting us so excited for the Magnificent reunion. In the Great Room all of the grand kids lined up on benches in the middle of the room... She spoke to the kids about Super Heroes and what makes them heroes. They are Loyal, Trustworthy, Dependable, Honest, Strong, Courageous... She pointed at the Grandfather, Father and Husband of our great big family, my dad, and said... "he is all of these things. And you can be too". She then asked the kids if they knew who OUR ultimate Hero is. The room got a bit quieter and one of my nieces answered, "Jesus". She was right.
My dad then got up and talked about his great, big family and how much he loves us. As Leah was sent in to his office to get "something" out he told the grand kids about how grandma has always said, "A child with many names is much loved". Leah then helped my dad hand out a shiny heart shaped balloon to each of his grand kids... Libbler, Go Go, Kitten, Rooster, Chubs, Boo, Jigga, Sissy Pantaloons, Dollface (goldie)... the list went on. It was such a sight. 30 little balloons bobbing around... all weekend long.

(actual agenda from reunion)
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
WELCOME~ REUNION KICK OFF BASH Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3:00–5:00 pm Arrival and Room Assignment
6:00 pm Family Assembly ~ Vanessa ~ Magnificent Senior Sibling!
Welcome ~ Hacienda Great Room
Pass Out T-Shirts to all the Magnificent Munns
Review Calendar of Events
Bring picture of each grandchild to be part of the
“Magnificent” Gallery.
6:30 pm Dinner-Nippon Thai Take-Out
Food Assignment: Vanessa & Nate and Kara & Sam
Family Prayer & Food Blessing: Jacob
7:30 pm FIREWORKS ~ Lakefront ~ Sam & Kara and John & Shelly
Clean up in the daylight!
Blankets ~ Insect Repellant ~ Chairs for Spectators
Marshmallow Roast & Fire Ring
~ Get Wood & 2 Fire Rings from Ranch
9:00 pm Late Night Swim ~ Towels in the Dryer
10:00 pm Snacks ~ Bed Time ~ Get your REST for the Olympics
Happy New Year!!
See Sleep Over Arrangements for ALL. Yes EVERYONE on Wednesday Night ONLY

the fireworks were awesome.

my babe is hot

not too many pictures for this night.. but have no fear... about 1000 from the rest of the weekend


  1. thanks for your comment shelly! ps..goldie is DARLING.

  2. Yes, thank you for that wonderful fireworks show! I had perfect view from my couch. It was great!!!!


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