a long weekend with dad

This weekend was so fun... it's the best when we get to have John home.

These were taken out on the boardwalk... we took Goldie on our Saturday night date and after ice cream we went out to look at the crazy waves... its hurricane season
Kara, Sam and the kids came down and spent the night last night... we woke up this morning and went out to breakfast...took the kids home for a nap ... then headed to the beach

Hard at work... Goldie had no time for pictures... she was so busy.

not Declan

(can you tell i am obsessed with my baby)

I finally got a swimsuit on Goldie after being there for about an hour...

Kara and Kit

We hung out at the beach all day today... the waves were crazy... we were getting rocked out there... whiplash and all. It was a great day at the beach and a great weekend


  1. you should call me next time so i can come with aidan! we only have one car now but i would try my hardest to get there! :)

  2. Wow! she really is BEAUTIFUL! and shes getting lots of hair!! i can't wait for Charli's hair to get long. Im glad you guys are having such a fun summer!

  3. such sweet pictures. i can't believe how big she is getting and so beautiful.

  4. she is a doll, so cute! she makes me want one of my own! I thought about you guys and all of these hurricanes, I assume you were able to stay home and everything is ok?

  5. Looks like so much fun. I LOVE the first picture of her! She gets more gorgeous every time I see her. No wonder you are obsessed with her.

  6. Fun! Sounds like you've had some crazy weather down there!

  7. hi shelly, how are ya? i hadn't been on here in forever, and goldie is a cutie! now that she has teeth you'll need a pediatric dentist!!! i know a very cute one, i mean, a very good and professional one :)

  8. Hey! My name is Steve Hansen. John knows me from the mission. I just wanted to say hi, and it's awesome to see your little family!
    I don't have any contact info. for John, so I was thrilled when Sue Bowers shared the blog link with me. Feel free to check out my page.

  9. 1. I cannot believe those big teethy grins, she is a big girl now. 2. she works really hard. 3. I hope you guys don't get blown away!!


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