Hyde Family '08 part 1

After about 4 hours waiting to get on a flight an 10 hours on the same plane... we arrived in Fallon for our R. Mark Hyde Family Reunion! We were there for a week full action packed days. (warning there are about 600 pictures from this week)

The Hyde Grandkids

Melia and Goldie

Jackson... one of my favorite shots

One of the events at the reunion was the Family Olympics. The course was planned out by my very own husband.
We there are 2 partners on each team and 2 teams competing at the same time. The team with the fastest time wins.

On your mark... get set... go!

off the ATV to get the kayak

load the kayak on the ATV

race around the driveway to the designated entrance of the river

unload the ATV

partner A gets into the kayak and kayaks down the river while partner B

races back to the ATV and drives back to the pickup point

jumps off the ATV, as you can see, Scott excelled in the portion of the race

helps kayaking partner A out of the river

then both partners get one arm and one leg tied together

and with one mallet take a croquet ball through a short course (this is where I did not excel)

And cross the finish line!!!

Danny and Annie won with the fastest time
It was a real success


  1. my hat goes off to john for an excellent obstacle course and to annie's wet bum.

  2. This post is hilarious and looks like the most fun ever!! I especially love the action shot of you and John.

  3. ok...we need to rememberthat for our family olympics!

  4. shelly that looks like so much fun! i am jealous!

  5. I swear, we are just never meant to meet up, we missed you guys in Fallon AGAIN!! We will be there in a little over a week. But I am sure we will meet soon! Looks like fun, I love family reunions!

  6. What a fun family reunion, looks like a lot os action! But a 10 hour plane ride? where IS fallon??

  7. Wow, Shel! Nice narrative. Fun post.


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