Happy birthday Emily

Don't ask me what happened to the format here.
A little late for the post but Emily's birthday was couple of weeks ago and we had a little shin dig for her down in STC.

Lizzie, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Heather and Lily with Gold

Goldie with James and Caroline... Caroline always wants to hold the babies

I love it when Goldie sleeps like a grown up


  1. john boy, your looking pretty great on the couch.


  2. I was just talking to Ashly last night about how I think your little Goldie is one of the cutest babies! She is so cute! Are you guys coming out to Utah anytime soon? Hope you are doing well... ask John if the paparazzi is still following him?

  3. Jeez all your Munns family members are good looking people!

  4. Goldie looks cute in her butterfly pj's. She's getting big too fast! Glad the party was fun! Hales is right Vanilla Ice looks sweet on the couch. (ask him Shelly about our senior skit!) I don't know what made me think of that but it was rad!


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