Hyde Update

A morning walk on the beach

For the past 4 weeks John has been finshing up with Firstline before moving to FLA. We were first in the Costa Mesa/ Newport area. I went home for 2 weeks to try to find us a place to live when we get to Florida... meanwhile John had traveled to a few other offices and was in San Bernardino when we were reunited... much different than Newport. We shacked up with our friends Jake and Kelise Dahl. We lasted one week there and headed back to Utah, stopping in Fallon for a few days on the lake. I am now more than half way through the pregnancy and it's been a good one. My baby is now about 13 inches and weighs about 1.5 lbs and I can feel that baby all day and night. On Tuesday we get to have our big utrasound and man it is going to be so hard to tell the doctor not to tell us what the sex of the baby is... but we are committed. We are now back in Utah until next Thursday when we hit the road to Florida. Yes, we are driving that nightmare drive. Here are just a few pics from the last couple of months.

Leah and Baby Ellie at my parents Memorial Day party

Me and 2 of my sisters Vanessa and Erika... it will be so fun to be home with all of my sisters .

Me and Melia, Danny and Annie's daughter... now she is a big sister to Sophie Joyce.

My most handsome, wonderful, smart, romantic, talented, sexy, husband and father to be.


  1. baggie, you look beautiful...i want a picture of your belly...and could you please email me!

  2. I can't believe you are not going to find out!!! Good for you! You will have a beautiful baby, boy or girl :) Leah has another baby...holy crap! She is amazing!

  3. You are a good woman not to find out the sex. I am so impatient I could never even dream of it! You look darling and happy!

  4. I think it is FANTASTIC you are not finding out! We didn't with our first and it was GREAT! With our second we found out despite our attempts to keep it a secret too.

    Good luck!

    Andrea (Hyde) Hill


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